Vincent Camarda

Scholarship for Finance Students

The Vincent Camarda Scholarship for Finance Students provides scholarship funding to those who are in school en route to becoming a finance professional.  Mr. Camarda understands the difficult road that students have ahead of them concerning both their studies and finances and he wants to give back however he can to our next generation of financiers.

Who is it for?

The Vincent Camarda Scholarship is available to all university students in the United States with the desire to attend business school and work in the field of finance. The scholarship is also open to high school students who will be attending a university and with intentions to become a business student. Mr. Camarda knows the burden that is laid on students who know that they have many years of schooling ahead of them along the road to becoming a financial advisor, and this is why he will reward a star student with $1,000 towards their tuition.


Vincent Camarda

vincent camarda

Massapequa, New York Financial Planner, Chairman, and CEO

Vincent Camarda is a financial advisor currently practicing in the Long Island, New York area.  With over 25 years experience, he is a leader in the field. He graduated from Hofstra University and received his B.B.A in Accounting. His specialties include in financial planning, investments, and insurance.


Learn About Vincent

Vincent understands first hand that there is a difficult road ahead for business students. With 28 years of success with his own career as well as his own firm, he wants to give back to the next generation of business students with this scholarship fund. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to earn scholarship funds and to visit our application page to view all of the details on how to apply and enter into our essay contest where we will choose the winner.

Earn Money Towards Your Education

Mr. Camarda knows that the rising costs of education, especially for business school, often put a  large strain on students who are studying to become financiers.  He would like to give an opportunity to a deserving student with this $1,000 scholarship award. Through this scholarship, Vincent hopes to raise awareness to the financial struggles of those going through the many years of business school on the long road to a career in finance, and help out one of our future financial leaders in the United States.


Learn More About The Scholarship

If you need more information about the scholarship or have any questions, please reach out by using the form on the contact page and someone will get back to you right away.  Further, any universities or organizations hoping to get involved with the scholarship are also welcome to reach out to see how you can help out. We want to wish good luck to all our students with the contest and on your journey to a career in finance!


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