Scholarship Grant: Questions to Ask Your Sponsor


Getting a scholarship is highly recommended especially for students who are financially incapacitated, yet have the will and the determination to finish their studies. Vincent Camarda cannot reach where he is right now without proper education.

To those who are thinking about the fees they need to pay at school, getting a scholarship grant is a good option. Although there are many scholarship grants available out there, getting a slot is not as easy as what you think it is.

There can be many slots but expect that there are more students who want to get it. Meaning, the competition on who to get the slot is tight and very challenging.

If you are serious about getting a scholarship grant, one thing is a must, you have to start early. You have to make sure that you can prove to the sponsors your worthiness in getting a scholarship grant, you can prove this through good grades, proper conduct, joining school activities, etc., prior to applying for a grant.

But before you get so excited, it is recommended that before you apply or accept the grant they offer, ask questions. Yes, passing to a scholarship program can be very exciting but that should not limit you from asking before committing yourself to them.

Just in case you do not know where to start, here are a few questions you can start with:

What if I failed to maintain your required grades?

What if you failed to maintain their required grades? Will you get kicked immediately or will you be given chances, projects, etc? Of course, your goal is to make sure that you can get the grades they require, but you still need to know what you can get in case you fail to do so.

What is included on my scholarship?

What is included on your scholarship? Most of the time it only covers school fees but there are some which also include allowances for projects, books, transportation and other expenses.

Asking what they cover can help you prepare yourself financially. Also, if they do not cover other expenses, and you think that you cannot afford to pay what they do not cover then looking for other grants would be your best option.

Can I change course or school anytime?

Can you change course or school anytime? Yes, you are not planning to do this, but things happen unexpectedly, so it is strongly recommended that you ask this question.

Also, there are some sponsors who are particular with the courses their scholars should get, and just in case your preferred course is something they do not cover, you are free to look for another sponsor or consider the courses they only allow.

Is there a POC I can call when necessary?

Is there someone you can call for questions or inquiries? Sure, questions may come along the way, and having a POC for all your questions and concerns can make your schooling as well as your relationship with them smooth sailing.

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